15 Best Things to Do in Calabasas, CA - Travel Lens (2024)

Rich in nature and history is the city of Calabasas in California.

Located within Los Angeles County and northwest of the Santa Monica mountain region, the city makes for a great rest stop.

There are a variety of sights you can explore when visiting Calabasa and its nature spots are just a few of them.

With different structures that date back hundreds of years and sights unique to the city, there is a lot you can do in Calabasas.

Here are the 16 best things to do in Calabasas, California:

Explore Nature at the Malibu Creek State Park

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Anyone who is a fan of nature will want to make the Malibu Creek State Park their first stop.

With over eight thousand acres of land and various trails you can try, there is plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy when visiting this park.

Located a few miles off the Malibu beaches and open since 1974, the park has plenty of features to visit.

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Aside from various trails where you can choose to do hiking, biking, or even horse riding, there are also different nature preserves where you can admire plenty of wildlife.

If you are not into doing activities like exploring the trails or doing other park activities like rock climbing, there are areas where you can relax as well.

Whether you want to learn about the park’s history, go camping, or have a picnic, there is plenty of ways the park can accommodate you.

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Have Fun at the Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center

Anyone who is a fan of sports or being active will want to visit the Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center when visiting the city.

The Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center has plenty of facilities to try ranging from courts to gyms.

Whether you want to have a swim or try the gym, the center has plenty to offer.

In addition to different facilities, the center is also open to hosting parties and events.

The facility is open every day, and if you are interested, the center also offers memberships.

Taste Fresh Seafood at King’s Fish House

If you’re a fan of seafood, then King’s Fish House is the place for you.

Whatever day you visit, the restaurant menu shifts depending on what is fresh that day.

King’s Fish House offers you a large selection of seafood dishes to try and a selection of drinks to enjoy as well.

If you are interested, the restaurant also offers gift cards you can purchase.

Other than this, you can also make an online reservation to lessen any wait time.

Shop and Explore The Commons at Calabasas

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The best place to go to if you want to do any shopping when visiting the city is The Commons at Calabasas.

First established in 1998 and featuring Mediterranean architecture, this shopping and entertainment complex is a highlight spot of Calabasas.

The complex is under the operation of American billionaire businessman and philanthropist Rick Caruso and has plenty for visitors to see.

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Tomharlyu, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With multiple shops and boutiques to peruse and different restaurants to try, The Commons at Calabasas is the best spot to check out the urban side of the city of Calabasas.

In addition to hosting a variety of shops and boutiques, The Commons at Calabasas also announces different events happening at the complex.

If the stores and eateries aren’t enough, the complex has plenty of photo-worthy structures to explore.

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Patrick Pelletier, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Grab Brunch at Saddle Peak Lodge

There are historical museums, structures, and even parks you can explore, but another interesting spot you’ll find in Calabasas is a historical restaurant known as Saddle Peak Lodge.

Saddle Peak Lodge went through many changes in the hundred of years that it existed.

From a hunting lounge to a roadhouse, the Saddle Peak Lodge has its share of stories before it became a spot for a delicious meal.

If you’re looking to enjoy their famous brunch options, you’ll want to head over on a Sunday from starting at 10:30 a.m.

Aside from this, the lodge is closed on Mondays.

If you’re interested in some exclusive items, the lodge has a room that provides a selection of whiskeys for you to try.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at New You Bodyworks

To further explore Calabasas’ spa scene, head to New You Bodyworks for relaxation and skincare.

The New You Bodyworks spa is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 in the evening and has a variety of spa services that you can book.

With services that range from massages to facials and even cosmetic treatments, New You Bodyworks has plenty to offer for any spa-goer.

Whether you’re looking to have a short massage session or want to experience their different spa services, such as their body scrubs or even Reiki sessions, there’s something for everyone at this spa.

Go Strolling Through the King Gillette Ranch

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Another sight that combines nature and history you can visit is the King Gillette Ranch.

The ranch was first designed in 1920 and currently features a variety of resources you can explore.

From broad meadows to lush lands and different wildlife that have settled in the area, King Gillette Ranch features plenty of views to admire.

In addition to the array of greenery that you can check out on the ranch, different old structures are still standing and are open for exploration.

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To check out even more views of the area, try hiking up to Inspiration Point, starting from the parking area.

There are plenty of sights and views you can photograph, but if history is not your thing, there are also other activities you can try at the ranch as well.

A stroll around or some cycling can also be a great way to admire the landmark.

Visit the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park

Going to a cemetery as a to-do item when visiting Calabasas may be odd, but it can certainly make for a memorable trip.

With over forty thousand laid to rest in the cemetery, there is plenty to explore in this unique spot.

Founded in 1928 by veterinarian Dr. Eugene C. Jones, the cemetery features many celebrity pets and famous animals you may know.

Like with a regular funeral, the memorial park offers different services to help lay a beloved animal companion to rest.

In addition to different services, the park also has options to make sure any pet laid to rest on their grounds has a beautiful resting place.

Watch a Show at Regal Edwards Calabasas

Outside of exploring sights and checking out stores, Calabasas has many other places where you can relax and have fun.

If you’re looking to catch a film, book a ticket at the Regal Edwards Calabasas.

The theater is under the management of the Cineworld Group and holds multiple branches throughout the country.

You can find the theater in Commons Way and opening hours depend on when the first film screens.

Tickets are currently purchasable via online booking along with advanced concession purchases.

Other than online bookings, the theater also provides different programs and discounts.

In addition to this, the theater also hosts events and offers gifts cards.

Enjoy the Greenery at Calabasas Creek Park

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Located right in the middle of downtown Calabasas is the Calabasas Creek Park.

Featuring unique and vintage garden decor plus beautiful scenery, the Calabasas Creek Park is the best place to stroll around and enjoy nature.

As a park under the management of the Leonis Adobe Museum, Calabasas Creek Park holds different features meant to present park elements from the 1880s.

Aside from the park views, you can also find recreated structures from the period and learn more about those who lived in it.

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Get Active at F45

Another great place to get some active fun is the F45 fitness club.

With various gym facilities, friendly trainers, and different class options, F45 is an ideal stop for anyone who is a fan of working out or wants to spend an active day.

You can find the venue at Calabasas Road and try a trial run.

There are different studios available with a variety of classes you can partake in.

Each studio also features different workouts, and you can make a booking via the club’s website.

In addition to the different facilities and training sessions you can join, F45 also provides a store that features many products, including sports apparel.

Book a Relaxing Session at Healing by Taly

Along with different places to explore and have fun, Calabasas has plenty of places where you can relax as well.

One place you’ll want to book for a day of pampering is the Healing by Taly.

Healing by Taly is a spa that provides a variety of therapies and massages you can choose to book.

Other than the usual services you would find at a spa, Healing by Taly also offers unique classes you can check out.

There are different packages you can choose from, and if you’re unsure what kind of session fits you, there is a free consultation.

Take in the Beauty of Malibu Hindu Temple

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One of the most beautiful sights you can visit when in Calabasas is the Malibu Hindu Temple.

The Malibu Hindu Temple was first established in 1981 and is one of the west coast’s largest Hindu buildings.

With intricate carvings and beautiful architecture, it is worth exploring this magnificent landmark.

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As a temple made in dedication to the Hindu God Venkateswara, there are different services held, and you can make a booking to join them.

In addition to the services, the temple also holds different events you can check out on their website.

If that isn’t enough, there is also volunteer work available for sign-up.

Kick Off Your Holidays at Holiday Road

If you’re a fan of Christmas, take some time to visit the Holiday Road during the holiday season.

The Holiday Road is an event that generally occurs during December and features a walking trail that displays plenty of Christmas-themed sights and other fun options to explore.

You will need to buy tickets in advance before you can access the venue, which opens at 5 p.m., and arrival windows are also part of the entry requirement.

Some of the sights you can find while exploring Holiday Road are an array of food trucks and a bar where you can get a selection of drinks.

In addition to this, the venue also holds a souvenir shop you can peruse.

Walk Into the Past at Leonis Adobe Museum

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For those interested in all things history, the Leonis Adobe Museum is an ideal place to visit.

First established in 1844 and previously owned by a wealthy rancher known as Miguel Leonis, the building currently displays different artifacts that exhibit life in the 1800s.

More than the displays you can peruse, the museum also holds different structures that continue to stand today, plus many activities to try.

The museum plus gift shop is open on Fridays and weekends, with two-hour tours available for purchase.

If the tours are not for you, the museum also has a ranch featuring different animals you can meet.

Currently, the museum also holds a virtual tour that you can try out on their website.

Dine at Pedalers Fork

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes you can visit, and many of them have their unique features and delicious eats.

Out of the many places you can visit for a meal, you should make a stop at Pedalers Fork.

Pedalers Fork is a lifestyle restaurant that offers plenty of features to check out and meals to check out.

The restaurant provides a coffee shop that opens from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and has different store hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To add to this, they also provide a Happy Hour that runs from 3-6 p.m.

While the restaurant features some great coffee and craft beer and different meals with fresh ingredients, Pedalers Fork’s highlight is their bike store.

You can rent a bike and have easy access to the bike trails after having your meal at the restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Calabasas is a city that has plenty to offer for any visitor and a variety of beautiful sights to check out, ranging from historical parks to temples and shopping centers.

More than the sights, there are plenty of places to eat, shop, and enjoy different activities.

Whether you want to explore the historical or the urban side of Calabasas, there are several options for any visitor.

15 Best Things to Do in Calabasas, CA - Travel Lens (2024)
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