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What is ASVAB

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a military enlistment test. Without this test you can’t be qualified to enlist in any branch of the United States army. ASVAB allows you to determine the best suited Military Occupational Specialties (or simply military jobs) for yourself. It also may be used as a career direction – test can help to determine a good fit – no matter whether you’re planning to enter the military or not. It was created in 1968, but the military began to use it for assessment only in 1976. ASVAB consists of ten different sections, which assess you from different perspectives.

These are the ten sections in the ASVAB:

  • General Science (GS)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
  • Electronics Information (EI)
  • Auto Information (AI)
  • Shop Information (SI)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  • Assembling Objects (AO)

Key Facts About ASVAB

There are two variants of ASVAB:

  • The Computerized ASVAB or CAT-ASVAB
  • The Paper and Pencil ASVAB or P&P-ASVAB


The Computerized ASVAB is an adaptive test. What does it mean? It means that the computer software used for a test adapts to your ability level. Based on your earlier responses, the computer is able to select items of the test that are suitable for you. Unlike P&P-ASVAB, it is possible to move on to the next part of the questions without waiting for anyone else. As soon as you’re finished with the test, you may leave the test room. Each section has a time limit and a fixed number of questions. On average, you’ll need something about 1 ½ hour to complete the Computerized ASVAB. Pay attention; you’ll not be able to change or review answers that you’ll give once you’ve submitted them. If time is running out, it is best for you to try to continue answering the question carefully, rather than trying to guess, because CAT-ASVAB software has penalties for guessing.


This is a traditional way of completing this test. The Paper and Pencil ASVAB test is held in one pace – everyone gets the same set of questions and no one can move forward until every person in the room is finished. As well as CAT-ASVAB, P&P-ASVAB has time limits and a fixed number of questions. According to statistics, it takes about 3 hours to complete the Paper and Pencil ASVAB. One more difference from the computerized test is that you are able and allowed to review your answers. But to do so, or to move on to the next part of the test, you have to wait until the instructor allows it. When you’re running out of time on this test, it’s best for you to try to guess all unanswered questions, because there is no penalty for guessing.

How is the ASVAB score calculated?

To enlist in the U.S. military, you have to meet minimum enlistment requirements. Armed Forces Qualifying Test score, or AFQT, is the military term for minimal enlistment requirements. People often refer this term to “minimum ASVAB score”.

Here is the formula for AFQT score calculation:

AFQT = Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) + Math Knowledge (MK) + Verbal Composite (VE) x 2

Verbal Composite (VE) = Word Knowledge (WK) + Paragraph Comprehension (PC)

Step by Step Guide on How to Calculate Your AFQT score

First of all, you need to finish the WK and PC tests. They’re allowing you to determine your Verbal Expression (VE) score. To calculate your Verbal Expression score, you need to sum the number of correct answers from each of the tests: PC and WK. One correct question = One point. After you’ve done this calculation, follow the table below and find out what your VE score is.

Table for Calculating VE Score

Standard Scores (PC + WK)Weighted VE Score

After you’re done with VE calculation, you need to calculate your AFQT score. As we mentioned earlier, AFQT is a sum of 2VE, AR and MK.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Take your VE score and double it
  2. Then you need to add Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) and Math Knowledge (MK) to this doubled VE
  3. The obtained result needs to be turned into an AFQT percentile score based on the table we provided below. Your percentile determines whether you meet minimum military enlistment requirements or not.
ScoreAFQT PercentileScoreAFQT Percentile

For points of 120 or lower, keep reducing by one.

ASVAB Scores

  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • 24
  • 25
  • 26
  • 27
  • 28
  • 29
  • 30
  • 31
  • 32
  • 33
  • 34
  • 35
  • 36
  • 37
  • 38
  • 39
  • 40
  • 41
  • 42
  • 43
  • 44
  • 45
  • 46
  • 47
  • 48
  • 49
  • 50
  • 51
  • 52
  • 53
  • 54
  • 55
  • 56
  • 57
  • 58
  • 59
  • 60
  • 61
  • 62
  • 63
  • 64
  • 65
  • 66
  • 67
  • 68
  • 69
  • 70
  • 71
  • 72
  • 73
  • 74
  • 75
  • 76
  • 77
  • 78
  • 79
  • 80
  • 81
  • 82
  • 83
  • 84
  • 85
  • 86
  • 87
  • 88
  • 89
  • 90
  • 91
  • 92
  • 93
  • 94
  • 95
  • 96
  • 97
  • 98
  • 99
ASVAB Score Calculator with Guidelines | US Military Calculators (2024)


What calculators are allowed on the ASVAB? ›

The answer to this question is “No.” Calculators are not allowed for either the pen and paper version or the computer version.

How do I calculate my ASVAB score? ›

The score is determined by adding Verbal Expression (VE) and Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) scores together and is used by all five branches of the military. VE is comprised of Work Knowledge (WK) and Paragraph Comprehension (PC).

Is a 73 ASVAB score good? ›

ASVAB Standard Scores

These scores are relative to the national average of young adults who took the test in your grade level. With ASVAB Standard scores, most students score between 30 and 70. This means that a standard score of 50 is an average ASVAB score, and a score of 60 would be an above-average score.

How good is a 70 on the ASVAB? ›

What Is a Good ASVAB Score? ASVAB scores range is measured on a scale of 0-100. A Standard ASVAB average score is 50 and 60 would be above average, and most candidates score between 30 and 70. Although these ASVAB scores are good for reference and comparison, they don't really say much by themselves.

Can you use a calculator on the ASVAB if you have an IEP? ›

You cannot use a calculator on the math parts unless you have an IEP or 504 Plan that allows this type of accommodation. If you have and use accommodations, you cannot use that score to enter the military.

What level of math is on the ASVAB test? ›

Mathematics Knowledge (MK)

The MK section of the test covers basic high school-level mathematics rules, terms, and concepts. The CAT-ASVAB has 15 questions with a 31-minute time limit, while the P&P-ASVAB has 25 questions with a 24-minute time limit to finish the section.

Can I check my own ASVAB score? ›

You can look up your ASVAB scores online through the methods mentioned above. To see your scores online, use your access code to log in or Make an account at using your access code to see your scores online. You can request your access code using the score request link if you don't have your ASR.

How are ASVAB standard scores calculated? ›

A Standard Score indicates how many units of the standard deviation a particular score is above or below the mean. In the case of the ASVAB subtests, the mean is set to 50 and the standard deviation is set to 10. Thus, a Standard Score of 40 indicates that the examinee scored 1 standard deviation below the mean.

How do you find your max score on ASVAB? ›

Here are some tips to help maximize your ASVAB math subtest scores:
  1. Memorize the math order of operations. ...
  2. Remember the apples-and-oranges rule. ...
  3. Memorize common math formulas before the day of the test. ...
  4. Use the scratch paper provided to help you solve problems.
Nov 1, 2023

Is 100 on ASVAB high? ›

The highest ASVAB score is 99. The score is a percentile generated from an individual's performance on the subtests making up the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT): Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematical Knowledge (MK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), and Word Knowledge (WK).

How rare is a perfect ASVAB score? ›

Less than 16% of the test-takers earn a score of 60 or higher. The average ASVAB score is 50.

Is 92 a good ASVAB score? ›

The overall asvab score is scored 1–99, so a 92 would be pretty good and well above the average which is 50. If this score IS for the overall asvab score and NOT one of the individual sections. The sections score can be over 100.

Can you score a 110 on the ASVAB? ›

Knowing the ASVAB scores for Army jobs can help you decide on your career path. The required scores for various jobs in the Army vary. For instance, a Criminal Investigations Special Agent must earn a 107 for the Skilled Technical (ST) line score and a 110 for the General Technical (GT) line score.

How to calculate VE on ASVAB? ›

Not only is it used in computing the AFQT score, but it is also used by the services for computing many of the line scores used for military job qualifications. To compute your VE score, the military adds the standard scores of your PC and WK, and then compares it to a chart very much like the one below.

How many people get a 99 on the ASVAB? ›

According the, less than 1% of examinees earn a 99 AFQT score. Let's meet the seven 148th Fighter Wing 'Aces of the ASVAB'.

What is a 75% ASVAB score? ›

The score a person receives indicates what percentage of those sample test-takers he or she did better than. Therefore, earning a score of 75 means that you did better than 75% of the sample group.

Is 80 a high ASVAB score? ›

Top-performing candidates tend to achieve a score well into the 70s with only a small minority achieving scores in either the 80s or 90s. Given the minimum ASVAB scores – which fall into the 30s – it is not necessary to achieve a score of 99.

Do you have to pass math on the ASVAB? ›

On the ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning portion, test takers must successfully solve word problems using math skills from whole number calculations (using basic tools, like addition or multiplication) to operations with decimals and percentages.

Can you use pen and paper on ASVAB? ›

If you're taking the ASVAB to enlist in the military, you'll take the enlistment ASVAB. This version comes in two formats: computerized (CAT-ASVAB) and paper-and-pencil (P&P). You may even take the "Pre-screening, online Computerized Adaptive Test" (PiCAT) on your own time.

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